Welcome to Joshi Heart Care Centre!

Modern & Sedentary lifestyle has bought lot of advantages to human being, but at the same time it is also bringing a non caring approach among individuals towards physical health. Continuous work pressure, eating junk food & not exercising for long years is becoming very common among people. This is leading towards growing number of people starting to face various heart problems including heat blockages & Heart attacks. It is very important for everyone to know about healthy lifestyle to prevent from heart diseases & if one is already suffering for a heart disease how to reverse & how prevent it from further complications.

Dr. Abhijit Joshi is a well know Interventional Cardiologist treating Heart Patients & guiding them about importance of Heart care & healthy lifestyle to prevent from any kind of heart diseases. He has treated thousands of heart patients with >97% success rate. Dr. Abhijit Joshi has vast experience in Modern Cardiology from renowned hospitals in India. He believes in providing health & heart treatment to all at with excellent results & that too at a very affordable cost.